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Bringing tennis to areas where the sport is easily accessible gives students a new, exciting outlet for being active. Rally 4 Reading aims to keep students active, teach the importance of sportsmanship and respect for one another, while also promoting literacy development.

If you know the Bay Area,  you also know that the disparities in between some of its communities are shocking. Although some places have easy access to opportunity, others do not. More specifically, opportunities for sports like tennis.

Why Tennis?

A USTA Foundation Special Report found that youths who play tennis spend more time studying, have college aspirations, are better behaved, and are more community-minded.


Tennis is not accessible for students that live in low socio-economic areas. Some students who live in these areas often cannot afford the after school program in place at their school, let alone tennis gear or lessons. These students spend the time immediately after school, the “critical hours”, participating in activities that may not support their development as students and children. In addition, the unfortunate reality that we live in today is that students spend a majority of their free time behind devices, which promotes unproductive habits.

There is another gap, in school performance. According to, there are 58 underperforming schools in Bay Area counties. Contra Costa and Alameda Counties have the highest number of schools with these low test scores. While some students excel, some don’t have the chance to grow. That is why Rally 4 Reading strives to provide students with reading materials and support.

Rally For Reading, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation will benefit Bay Area disadvantaged young students by providing a space to play tennis and have extra homework time in their very own school. All with no cost to the student’s family.


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