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Play Tennis and Lay The Foundation for Academic and Personal Success

Rally For Reading provides disadvantaged youths the opportunity to learn and participate in tennis through their schools and community parks.  We provide free training and resources to the schools and volunteer coaches enabling them to offer after school tennis to their youths. Studies have shown that participating in tennis will benefit help young students academically and personally. Historically, tennis has not been accessible to all populations. Please help us bring the joys and benefits of tennis to our youths!



Tennis is not accessible for students that live in lower  socioeconomic areas. Some cannot afford their after school programs, let alone tennis gear or lessons. These students spend the time immediately after school, the “critical hours,” participating in activities that may not support their development as students and children.


Seeing a need for energetic, nonprofit work in this area, we formed our organization to provide opportunities to students to try something new. Starting in the diverse community of Oakland, CA, we use tennis to motivate students to be active but also practice literacy. Keeping the body and mind active helps these students thrive in a digital age.


Engage disadvantaged youths in an active and healthy lifestyle and lay the foundation for success academically and personally. We will partner with local schools, coaches and volunteers in various communities and introduce them to the sport of tennis. Our volunteer coaches will provide free equipment and training to the community coaches and teachers. We know that our schools and communities struggle with budgets for athletics and after school activities. Our goal is to help them provide these types of activities for their youths and contribute to the overall health of a community through the joy of learning and playing tennis.

Training Those Who Already Inspire

We are giving PE coaches the tools to teach tennis at no cost to them. Through gear and training, these teachers can help make tennis more accessible for students. Not only goes tennis align with many physical education standards, it is a lifelong sport that students can take with them as they grow.

"Warriors on 3.... 1, 2, 3"


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Brookdale Park Clinic (September 20, 2020)

Rally For Reading, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation will benefit Bay Area disadvantaged young students by providing a space to play tennis and have extra homework time in their very own school. All with no cost to the student’s family.


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